Oh My Love ♫

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Oh My Love Oh my love You should just know I’m an ordinary girl Oh my love Your eyes may hide what you have been looking for   Day after day I cross the streets to go to work ‘Cause I’ve got no car, but I don’t live that far Night after night There’s no more make up on my face And that’s just ok ‘Cause I don’t have to hide   Some people dream of rings and perfect honey moons I dream you’ll find me and I’ll fall in love with you   Oh my love You should just know I’m a quite unusual girl Oh my love I hope you...

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Black Sheep ♬

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Black Sheep There’s no mercy for bad children They will die in a speed of light There’s no hope for the black sheep She will lose herself inside No forgiveness for the brutal There will be no peace of mind For they grew up to be spoiled As they hide their broken heart   Oh, who can save us? Oh, who can free us? Oh, who would love us For who we are? Yes, we are rotten Yes, we are wicked ‘Cause we were trampled And we died Alone Black Sheep...

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Troubled Hearts Love More ♫

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Troubled hearts love more Troubled hearts love more They can’t help but fall Hurtful souls are faithful And love could heal them all   It’s not what you think You see me angry That’s just distress unleashed But you can fix me   Love me like I’ve never been Touch me like no one else did Free me from this hell I’m living in Show me you’re the one who cares Lean my head onto your chest Tell me that this pain won’t last   My troubled heart loves more I’d never let you fall I’d give my life for you But I’d never say I...

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