It Rained On My Wedding

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It Rained On My Wedding

Well, it did rain. And it only stopped when we said “ok, let’s stop, I think we’ve got enough pictures.” Then it stopped. On the way to the reception we saw the icy drops getting smaller and smaller until it was finally over. We looked at each other, at the photographer, and at the young man who was helping coordinate the event and laughed.

The Lord had begun to talk to us about our wedding from the moment we started to pray for confirmation about our relationship whether it was from God and if we should proceed. Eric was leading an outreach team to Ghana and I was teaching at the school for missionary children at the YWAM base in Hawaii when The Lord first spoke to us about getting married on May 23. We weren’t together yet, we were praying, waiting for a few more “yes’s”. The confirmations came with a few specific details about things that were to happen sooner than we thought …


I do not want to write a very long text because to tell the whole story I will have to write several texts like this and perhaps make it into a book… I’ve got an idea for the title! “Marrying In Jesus – the adventure of hearing God’s voice and obeying until the altar .” But let’s go back to the wedding day…


If God was the one who picked the date for the ceremony even before we knew where it was going to take place, and He, being God, knows better than anyone the weather forecast for that time and location… Does that mean He had chosen to do my wedding in the rain… ??? I had been praying for a sunny afternoon, especially because the place where I got married looks incredibly beautiful (like most places…) when the sun is shining . Here’s a picture for you to have an idea of what I’m talking about:

Not only that, but I had asked everyone to pray for “good weather”! But it rained… And when I realized the rain would not stop (and even if it did, the gray sky would be what I would see in the background of the photos) I was on the verge of feeling betrayed by the God in whom I had trusted and who I had sought direction from for every detail about my wedding. The point is that I know whom I have believed in, especially after all I have experienced in this journey of faith lately. I can not say we had heard wrong about the wedding date, nor that the Lord, my beloved, would choose something bad for me or abandon me in such an important moment. Therefore, there was only one thing for me to do; review my concepts and renew my understanding of what was or was not good for me because I was certainly wrong about what I understood as ideal conditions to hold an event like a wedding.


Like most Westerners, I was raised in a culture that believes that a beautiful event must be held on a sunny day. It shouldn’t be too cold or too hot, but above all, IT MUST NOT RAIN! Stories of events when it rained always come with comments on how things went wrong and the discomfort of being wet and cold, the dirty floor, people stuck in traffic and all sorts of problems. When you hear it rained on someone’s wedding, you immediately feel sorry for the person. After all I’d been through to get to that point, all things set and ready, miracle after miracle, there was not the slightest possibility that I would let the rain ruin my wedding day. There was no way for me to think that the Lord had not been good to us. I couldn’t deny God had operated powerfully for Eric and I to get married in the chapel of the YWAM base in Tauranga on May 23, 2015. If anyone dares to say such a thing, lock him/her up in a hospital for crazy people because that person is cookoo. Moreover, the worst blindness is when you choose not to see, and I am becoming less blind every day.


I thought about it for a while as the Lord brought more clarity on what actually happened and what it all meant . (Remember that this kind of response only comes when one is open to listen.) I was told that in some cultures and in the Bible, rain means blessings. Ok… But what if the rain ruined my makeup and destroyed my dress? I’m sorry, but I needed more than that.

The first solid answer came when the Lord showed me something that changed the way I saw life. The first day, the first time, the beginning of things can determine how the rest of it will be. Because my wedding was a day I would remember for the rest of my life, it had to be a beautiful happy memory, and I couldn’t let rain or anything else change that. The fact that on such an important moment I went against all odds, decided in faith that it would be amazing, the Lord took that step of faith and turned it into a seal in my life and Eric’s life. Our hapy beautiful rainny wedding day was a lesson and a statement  to the years to come that whatever happens, we choose to trust the Lord, and we choose joy! And THAT wouldn’t have happened without the rain (or the other difficulties we had to overcome).

I won’t lie; it was intense… When we arrived in New Zealand, a month before the wedding, we had no money for anything except housing and food for that month. We had no money for the wedding, we had no money to get the visa I needed to apply for after 90 days, we had no money to live or eat the next month. I’ll write more about it in my book one day, but I’d like to mention a few more things here.


We had decided to stay in Hawaii helping to keep things in order at the Natural Farm until the team returned from Nepal and trust that the Lord would help us organize a wedding in about a month. We did all we could before leaving to New Zealand (which was not much …) with difficulty. We chose to trust the Lord. When we printed the wedding invitations and started giving them out, we had no money for the tickets to get to New Zealand. I remember when Jessie, Eric’s sister, said she and her husband had already bought the tickets. Eric and I laughed and said, “That’s cool!! At least there will be someone there! AHahahahh… ”


Our wedding was scheduled for Saturday at 3pm. On Friday 8pm we still had not got a place to go on our honeymoon and the room where we would live was taken because the lady who takes care of the YWAM base housing obviously assumed that we would be on our honeymoon, therefore the room would be vacant. I understood with that that the Lord was saying that He had a place for us to go on our honeymoon right after the wedding. On the night before the wedding we searched online, for the last time, places to go. We found one that looked nice and it was not too expensive or too far. After all, the money we had in our bank accounts could only pay for part of the costs. We could only afford two out of the following three; gas for the trip (as long as it was not a long one), a place for us to stay and food. It was the last ounce of faith I had before giving up. We sent a request to book that room and chose to believe that a miracle would happen down the road and we would not need to fast on our honeymoon. But the greatest despair was realizing, after clicking “send”, the owner of the place could take 24 hours (or longer…) to respond. So I prayed, “Lord, in the naaaaaame of Jesus, may this woman answer within the next 15 minutes.” A minute or two later Eric’s phone beeped. The reservation was confirmed. I cried. Nervous, tired, everything. We did not know how things would be once we got there, but we had a place to go and we had the money to pay for the room and the gas to get there. We chose to trust the Lord, a bit afraid still, but that was our choice again. At that point I was not even thinking much about the weather forecast for the next day anymore. My mind was busy counting the number of miracles that needed to be added to the pile of the ones that had already happened. The thing is, when you have no choice but believing, that’s what you do, right? Well… I have actually seen many people go through life angry at God (and the whole world), bitter, because when the time came they had to believe for a miracle and find out that God is good, they chose not to believe. I find this incredibly stupid but I guess that’s free will too… What else is there to say…?


You may be thinking, as many did, it was obvious that a lot of people would give us money on our wedding day. What no one took into consideration was the fact that most people only give expensive gifts if they are close friends with the couple or close family. And they would only do that IF they had such money to give. Well, on my wedding, most guests were people I had met a month before and the great majority were YWAMers who usually don’t have much even for themselves. Besides, we needed so much there was no way we would get all that in wedding gifts even if all the guests were very generous. Do you get the proportions of the miracle we needed?  When we arrived in Rotorua for our honeymoon and opened the envelopes with congratulation cards, money was sprouting and multiplying. I do not remember how much it was. But I remember that it was enough to pay for everything during our stay. We ate well, we got back, we had fun with the relatives who came to the wedding back in Tauranga, we paid the rent of the room where we now live for that month and part of the following one (the rest of the months up to now include other miracles), we paid for my visa expenses and a few more things that made our little home a bit more comfortable and cozy.


You may be thinking, “what about the rain?” Well, the rain, along with everything else, came to mark the beginning of a new era in my life. A season where the Lord is teaching me that things will be the way I choose to look at them. And I chose my wedding to be a happy day regardless of the weather, that money will not determine my happiness, that rain and sun do not determine my joy, and that there is nothing the Lord cannot turn into a blessing if I choose to trust Him. It rained on my wedding and it rained a lot! The photographer suggested boots and umbrellas, that was the last thing we did before going to sleep the night before our wedding. We bought rubber boots, a pair of clear umbrellas and got ready to have fun taking pictures in the rain. Then I realized The Lord knew I would love (as usual) doing something different than everyone else does because I really enjoy exotic stuff. So that’s what happened. It rained on my wedding. And it was awesome!

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  1. Debbie /

    I love your story..of choosing the best. Choosing to smile and make the most of your day. Choosing to smile and buy boots and umbrellas to suit rather than hiding inside being grumpy and unpleasant. it shows your good character and refusing to allow our enemy a chance to get into your minds and make a stronghold of bitterness there! Your had a wedding where the old was cleansed away with rain, and the new has come. You are a sunshiny couple and I love you both! mmmwha!

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